How to Start a
Cell Phone Business

A Complete Business Kit to Launch a Cell Phone Business

A Success Formula That Other Cell Phone Business Owners Don't Want You to Know About

This is a compilation of a complete success strategy used by successful cell phone business owners. Now you can easily launch a new cell phone business from scratch! If you are already in business, it can also help revive your current cell phone business. A cell phone business is one of the most lucrative businesses out there. It's time to diversify your income with a low cost cell phone business.

Have you ever seen or walked by a cell phone business in a strip mall, store front, or a mall? Seeing the volume of people and the number of sales, did you ever wonder how good their business is? That fact is, this is a very profitable business. We're talking about over 80 to 90 PERCENT PROFIT MARGINS! Just imagine the sale of phones, accessories, and the residual income of service plans. Then think back to how much you paid for a cell phone, accessories, and your service plan. Compare the cost and what you paid, and it's clear to see that there are serious profits being made.


If it's so good then why doesn't everybody start one?

The people who are in the industry are keeping this success strategy for starting a cell phone business a secret. They do not want you to know this information that I am sharing with you. They don't even want you thinking about starting a cell phone busienss, let alone having a success plan for launching a cell phone business. So it is unkown to most people, why they SHOULD start a cell phone business.

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Even with the current economy, I believe we live in a world of abundance, a world of prosperity, and in the land of opportunity. That is why I feel there is need and sense of responsibility to share this secret for starting a cell phone business. I put together this business kit to help aspiring entrepreneurs and current cell phone business owners who are looking for solid business strategies to make it BIG in todays economy.

cell phone make money

So what's in this success
cell phone business kit?

The business kit for how to start a cell phone business is a compilation of 7 packages that is comprised of tools, resources, strategies, and materials that have been used for starting a cell phone business over the years. The contents of the cell phone business kit are the following:

- Business Planning Kit
- Financial Planning Software
- Complete Marketing Package
- Wholesale Supplier Access
- Cell Phone Authorized Dealer
- Business Software
- Tools & Materials

Business Planning Package

The business planning package is put together to give you the foundation and direction in starting a new cell phone business. You will receive a cell phone business start-up checklist to help guide you through the start-up process. You will receive a self evaluation checklist to identify and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. You will receive a cell phone business plan template that you will use create your own busienss plan. You will receive a retail business planning eBook to assist in knowledge and as a reference as you continue planning your cell phone business.

cell phone business plan

Financial Planning Package

When starting a cell phone business you may need to obtain financing and apply for a loan. In doing so you must prepare a written loan proposal. Our financial planning package will help get you the loan you're looking for. Make your best presentation in the initial loan proposal and application. In business you may not get a second opportunity.

You'll need to clearly and briefly explain who you are, your business background, the nature of your business, the amount and purpose of your loan request, your requested terms of repayment, how the funds will benefit your business, and how you will repay the loan. Keep the cover page simple and direct. Our finacial planning package for starting a cell phone business has completed all the ground work for you. 



Complete Marketing Package

The marketing package is put together to give you a professional marketing presence right out of the gate as you start your new cell phone business. Marketing is a critical part of the success formula and a critical part of a successful business. In this package you'll receive the following contents:

Professional Full Featured Cell Phone Business Web Site

cell phone business web site


Complete Cell Phone Business Stationary Set that includes a professional Logo, Letterhead, Envelope, and Business Cards

cell phone business stationary


Book on Internet Marketing Strategies. This is a digital version of a complete internet marketing book that will help you take your new cell phone business web site and increase your exposure on all the major search engines.

Wholesale Supplier Access Package

This package will give you a list of the current reputable suppliers and vendors of cell phones, accessories, supplies, and materials. This is an approved wholesale list. You don't want to go into business paying retail. You don't want to try suppliers that don't deliver. Again, we've done the research and ground work for you.



Cell Phone Authorized Dealer Package

The secret formula to starting a successfull cell phone business is landing major vendor accounts. Learn how to become a Authorized Dealer of all the top major cell phone service providers!

Become a Authorized Dealer for:

  • Sprint/Nextel
  • T-Mobile
  • Alltel
  • Verizon Wireless
  • AT&T
  • US Cellular
  • Boost Mobile

become a cell phone authorized vendor



Software Package

Cell Phone Business Inventory Managment! You'll receive a cell phone business inventory managment software for your start-up cell phone business. This will allow you to effective managage your inventory, which is important to maintaining your profits. Valuable software package to help your new cell phone business. 

cell phone inventory management



FREE BONUS! You'll also receive a professional graphics software so you can continue your marketing efforts and create your own flyers, brochures, and banners for your start-up cell phone business. 

cell phone graphics software



Tools and Materials Package

More? Yes there's more! You'll receive additional guides and checklists that are operational roadmaps for your new cell phone business. This contains success formula information that they do not want you to know. With years of research and experience at your finger tips, it's not a question of if you'll be successful. The question is when. Take action now. Successful people go after what they want. Successful people absorb all knowledge to make themselves a success. We've done the ground work for. Get started with your cell phone business today!

So now that you know
what's possible. It's time
to take action!

You came to this site because you were looking for a profitable business opportunity. This business kit will get you on your way to starting one of the most poriftable businesses out there. It is a billion dollar industry. There is plenty of room for more players in many more locations. Nobody has revealed these strategies like this before. You can get the same knowledge by spending thousands of dollars by buying into a franchise business. But why pay over fifty thousand dollars to learn the same knowledge and then not have full control?? You can get receive your business kit today.

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Order now, even if it's late at night.

Something compelled you to this web site. The rule of thumb is that if you have inspired thought, then act on it. Don't wait, justify, and rationalize why you can't do it. Success is for those who invest and take action.

You can do it and you can succeed. It's a matter of when you'll take the first step. Order now, you'll be glad you did. It will change your life. This could be your first business expense. Aren't business expenses tax deductible??



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